Torbay Organic Gardening Society

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AGM 2014
The AGM for 2014 will be held at St Matthias Church Centre, Babbacombe Rd, Torquay TQ1 1HW on Tuesday 21st January 2014 at 7.30pm. At which a future programme of events will be formalised.

Wednesday 11th December 2013 (2nd Wednesday of the month)
Workshop: Christmas table decorations using natural materials, by Claire Mills

Claire Mills of Barton Bouquets demonstrates how to enliven your Christmas table setting using natural home-grown plants and materials to make a decorative display. Participants are invited to bring their own plants and containers and be inspired with new decorative ideas.


Wednesday 20th November 2013 (3rd Wednesday of the month)
From Pliny to today: a history of raised bed organic gardening, by Patricia Hill

In this talk, Patricia Hill takes us through the history of organic raised-bed gardening, from the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, through to Victorian times, its abandonment in the early to mid twentieth century, and its renaissance in the present day.


Wednesday 23rd October 2013 (4th Wednesday of the month)
Organic gardening: pests, diseases, disorders and control, by Bill Herring

In this talk, Bill Herring of Duchy College, who lectures at the new organic horticultural courses at Occombe Farm, Paignton, describes common pests, diseases and disorders of fruit and vegetable plants and describes the most effective environmentally-friendly control methods.


Wednesday 25th September 2013 (4th Wednesday of the month)
Gardening for birds , by John Allan

This talk by RSPB member John Allan asks the question ‘Where have all the sparrows gone?’ and answers the question by explaining how the use of chemiical pesticides and molluscides by farmers and householders has decimated the sparrow population of Britain and what we, as organic gardeners, can do to encourage birds into our own gardens.

Wed 19th June 2013

Babbacombe Fayre

There will be no meeting of the Society in the evening, as members will be taking a information stand at the Rotary Babbacombe Fayre during the day, and look forward to seeing you there and answering any questions you may have about organic and environmentally-friendly gardening techniques.

Wed 15th May 2013

Herbs for health

This talk on herbs and their medicinal uses will be given by Frances Wright of Green Lane Herbs, who runs the Althaea Herbal Healing Garden at Littlehempston, near Totnes. Green Lane is a working medicinal herb garden with herbal dispensary, library and classroom. Courses run at the garden include the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal herbs, and the making of tinctures, infusions, ointments and syrups.

Wed 17th April 2013

Weed control in the organic garden

In this talk, Patricia Hill explains the adverse effects of chemical herbicides on the environment,  describes the various types of weeds, and shows how to identify them and the best methods for their control. The talk deals not only with the problem that weeds present, but also the benefits of making productive use of weeds in the environmentally-friendly garden.

Wed 20th March 2013

Bee-keeping and the life of the hive

Bees, along with other hymenoptera, are the most important pollinating insects. There is concern about the present decline in the honey bee population, with organisations such as the Soil Association and Friends of the Earth running campaigns to advise gardeners on how to make their gardens bee-friendly. This illustrated talk by Adam Vevers, Regional Bee Inspector for Devon, will cover the communal life of the honey bee as well as the pests and diseases that impact upon the life of the colony.

Wed 20th February 2013

Ashridge Organic Cider tasting evening and talk

A cider-tasting evening and talk given by Jason Mitchell of Ashridge Cider based at Staverton near Totnes. Ashridge Cider orchards have been certified organic since September 2009, and specialise in producing top-quality, award-winning ‘champagne method’ ciders and sparkling soft drinks.
Entry for members £2.00. Non-members £4.00

Wed 16th January 2013

Annual General Meeting.
Social evening and Seed Exchange.